Hi, I'm Benjamin.

I’m not an agent;

However, my background does come from a lifetime in and around the property industry with most of my family being property professionals including: property development, construction and interior and graphic design.
In fact, my earliest memories are helping set up display homes for weekend inspections.
My first foray into the buying and selling of property was my first investment once I left school.

in addition to my tertiary qualification in Marketing, I have more than 15 years involvement in many different property industry areas Including: 

  •  Investment 
  •  Asset Management 
  •  Commercial and Residential Development 
  •  Project Marketing
  •  Sales
  •  Even labouring on construction sites during my high school years
  • Currently completing a masters in Property & Valuation.


Due to the above mentioned life experiences, I now have a broad knowledge base and skillset to draw on for the sale of your property.

Property has been a lifelong interest and passion.

Helping people get into the property industry through their first home, their first investment or working with experienced property portfolios is what keeps me as enthusiastic as when I started.