Marketing Process

With 15+ years in the industry, my 8-step marketing process is the most effective and proven way to get the best value for your individual property.


Back Story

Every property has a backstory; whether a short-term investment, long-term home for the family or a stepping stone in creating your property empire, each property has potential. It’s the best part of my day to hear your dreams and desires for each property. During this initial stage, we find out the motivation for your decision to sell and how this will shape its marketing.


Inside Their Head

Researching the market through comparison analysis, persona generation, and prospective buyer journeys allow for a targeted design and development of selling and pricing strategies to hit your relevant market.


Looking Pretty
To support messaging and content, professional photos and videos are created highlighting the features and benefits relevant to your target audience. This gives your property a relevance to the buyers who are being targeted, ensuring time and ease of sale.



Regular reporting on your property’s sales campaign progression. With a proprietary app as well as regular face-to-face or calls depending on your location ensures you are across the numbers, leads and accurate feedback promptly from the market. The continual campaign analysis further refines message delivering useful and relevant listing.


Dollars & Sense
Getting your needs and expectations right at the start saves both time and money for all as it’s well known that real estate gurus can get a little carried away. Defining your time frame, dollar budget, and price expectations enable a no-nonsense plan with clear actions and outcomes.


How & When
Through the comparison analysis stage, relevant messaging, hooks, and affiliations specific to your target market are discovered. I use this to design the content and messaging, which includes a range of specialised advertising material, such as signage, website, flyers, videos and advertisements.


Now it’s all about being seen. With our experience and buying power, it enables us to negotiate great media, ad placements, and position rates. Gorilla marketing, PR opportunities, and managing digital and social presences gets the brand and message out there, in front of the target audience.


Staying Nimble
Reports are great, but as we know its not always about the numbers. By working closely with you, gathering anecdotal feedback on message acceptance, barriers to close, and competitor monitoring ensures the campaign stays relevant, targeted, and delivers results in evolving markets.