Are You Searching ‘Sell My House’ in Eagleby?

Sell My House


Are You Searching ‘Sell My House’ in Eagleby?

If you’re asking yourself the question, “which establishment should sell my house in the Waterford, Edens Landing, Mount Warren Park, and Yatala region?” Talk to Benjamin Waite, who has fifteen years’ experience in negotiating, promotion, and sales to help homeowners attain above-market prices when they wish to sell their home at the best price.


Bachelor in Business Marketing and Psychology – Victoria University

Dip and Adv Dip in Marketing and Sales – Swinburne University of Technology

Masters in Property and Valuation – Bond University (undertaking)

What Sets Real Estate Marketing by Benjamin Waite Apart Regarding How to Sell My House?

Our founder, Benjamin Waite. works with our 2020 Agent of the Year Award Winner, and will lead you through his proven advertising method, facilitating the desired outcome by showing you the best marketing methods when you want to sell your house. 
  • We have high-end technical marketing, property construction, and development competencies, with credentials in appraisal, property development, and marketing. We will inform you how the real estate market, listing-, marketing-, and contract negotiating processes work and achieve your goal together.
  • There’s no need to feel intimidated or unsure about the decision to sell your house with the Benjamin Waite team by your side because we have in-depth understanding and know-how.
  • We provide accurate estimates regarding your property’s current market worth via market data and characteristics, physical inspection, and local knowledge − within twenty-four hours, and will sell your house.
Verified steps should be followed to market and sell your house at the best price. Real Estate Marketing by Benjamin Waite will guide you through the process.

Tips Regarding the Important Question of Where to Sell My House

Did you buy this property as a short-term investment, a springboard in building a portfolio, or as a home for your family? Whichever it is, your asset has potential, so tell us about your goals because your reason will influence the marketing plan.
  • Let us know what you require and expect from the very beginning. It’s essential to outline your timeframe, budget, and anticipated price so we can focus on the necessary actions to achieve the outcome.
  • We set up a specific design and development strategy regarding selling and pricing to reach the appropriate market by doing market research. We apply comparison analysis, persona generation, and prospective buyer journeys, and then create professional photos and videos that feature the advantages to your target audience.
  • How and when are crucial. We search for relevant affiliations, hooks, and messages pertaining to your target market during the comparison analysis stage and use it to plan advertising content such as flyers, website marketing, and signage.
  • We provide frequent campaign evaluations to report on how the sales campaign is progressing, whether by telephone, face-to-face or the proprietary app. We offer media coverage, position rates, and manage social and digital media to spread the message.
We work with you to ensure that the campaign remains relevant and produces results by monitoring competitors and gathering information on message acceptance and barriers to closing.

Why You Should Use Real Estate by Benjamin Waite

High-level marketing and sales negotiation services by a credible provider benefit you.

Contact us for a professional appraisal within twenty-four hours.

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