How do Real Estate Agents get paid?

How do Real Estate Agents get paid?

Ever wondered how real estate agents get paid? 

In this article, we’ll dive into the world of real estate agent compensation and introduce you to a unique twist that lets sellers take control of their commissions in a model specific to our services.

The Traditional Way

In real estate, agents typically earn their keep through commissions. This means they get a slice of the final sale price, this can be anywhere between 2-6%. 

But here’s the kicker: they only get paid when the deal is done. 

No sale, no fee – it’s that simple.

The Power of Choice – Tailored to You:

Now, imagine having the freedom to pick the commission you pay, a model specific to our services. 

This innovative approach lets sellers customize their agent’s payment within a range of previously discussed percentages. 

It’s like ordering a tailor-made suit for your real estate transaction.

Why it’s Awesome:

Transparency: You get to see exactly where your money is going, tailored to our services.

Flexibility: You decide how much you pay based on the value we bring to the table, a service model crafted for you.

Shared Interests: We both want the same thing – a successful sale, aligned with our specific approach.

Motivation: We are driven to work our hardest since we only get paid when you do, under our unique model.

Maximising Returns

Investment property owners approach the holiday season from a different perspective. 

Their primary goal is to maximise returns on their investment, and selling during this time may align with that objective. 

It’s a practical decision driven by market conditions.


Tenant Considerations

Investment property owners must also consider the tenants living in their property. 

Open communication and flexibility are crucial to ensure a smooth selling process without inconveniencing the tenants, especially during a season when they might have holiday plans and commitments.


Capitalising on Holiday Momentum

By putting their investment property on the market during the holiday season, owners can capitalise on the momentum that motivated buyers often have as they envision a fresh start in the coming year. 

This timing can result in a quicker sale and a seamless transition for all parties involved.

In Conclusion:

Real estate compensation is evolving, and our specific service model gives you more control than ever before. 

The traditional commission model is still around, but now you can choose your commission based on your needs, all within the framework of our specialised approach. 

It’s a win-win that empowers sellers and motivates agents, all tailored to our services. 

When you’re ready for your next real estate adventure, consider an approach that lets you call the shots, designed specifically for you.

If you have any questions or need guidance, I’m here to help. 

Here when you need,
Benjamin Waite

Benjamin Waite – LJ Hooker

How do Real Estate Agents get paid?

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