Discover the Benefits of Targeted Real Estate Marketing to Sell Property

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Discover the Benefits of Targeted Real Estate Marketing to Sell Property

You can be confident that you are targeting the right buyers when you use a professional real estate marketing company to sell your property. From showcasing your home with professional photos to a relevant multi-platform advertising campaign directed at your ideal audience, our experienced marketers can improve your chances of a fast sale with an exceptional offer. By taking the time to discover the backstory of your property and motivation for selling, we create a unique and tailored marketing campaign that will meet your expectations. After the initial campaign launch of your property, we monitor your advertisement to ensure it remains relevant and produces results in an evolving market.


Bachelor in Business Marketing and Psychology – Victoria University

Dip and Adv Dip in Marketing and Sales – Swinburne University of Technology

Masters in Property and Valuation – Bond University (undertaking)

Why Sell My Home Using Professional Real Estate Marketing?

Whether you need to sell land or a home, there are numerous benefits to using a professional marketing company which include:
  • Targeting your ideal market audience: A customised marketing plan will ensure you reach your ideal audience on a deeper level and connect with potential interested parties that you didn’t even know existed. You can save yourself the time and stress of researching your target buyers and trying to discover which type of content they will interact with by enlisting the services of a professional real estate marketer. An experienced and knowledgeable property advertiser will already know where and how to target your audience in a way that gives you the highest conversion rate.
  • Access to the latest trends: You can get insight into the latest trends that appeal to your target market. For example, incorporating video content of your property onto social media pages may be the way that your audience likes to receive information.
  • Ongoing support: You can rest assured knowing that a professional company will maintain your campaign throughout the entire duration of the marketing schedule. Therefore, you will save yourself the time and hassle it takes to ensure your advertising is effective at reaching your audience.

What You Can Expect From Us to Sell My Property

We deliver an exceptional service that meets your needs and expectations. Our marketing strategy includes:

  • Skilled market appraisal: Through careful research and our local knowledge, we let you know your property’s real market value. This appraisal entails a physical inspection of your property, current market data and characteristics that add value to your home or land.
  • Listing design and messaging: We create a listing for your property that is engaging and directed at your ideal buyers. Our research knowledge of comparison analysis, persona generation, and prospective buyer journeys mean that we develop pricing and selling strategies that will reach the relevant market at the right time. We deliver the perfect message accompanied by professional photos and videos that highlight features of your property, which will appeal to your audience.
  • Multi-platform communication: We use innovative ideas and a wide range of platforms, including guerrilla marketing, digital and social media, and various PR opportunities to market your property. Our marketing strategy includes close monitoring and continual campaign analysis to ensure that your listing remains relevant and effective.

Why Trust Real Estate Marketing by Benjamin Waite to Sell My Land?

Our company offers a high level of marketing and sales negotiation service. We have extensive experience with qualifications in marketing, valuation, and property development. Our skilled real estate professionals provide property market appraisals within 24 hours, based on local knowledge, current market data, and experience. We have the technical skills to create a marketing campaign that meets your requirements and ensure that we reach your target audience for an effective and faster sale.

Contact us today and confidently sell your home with our marketing professionals.

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