Eagleby Vs. Loganholme – Unveiling Two Unique Markets

January 2024

Eagleby vs. Loganholme Unveiling Two Unique Markets

Welcome back to the Waite Update, your trusted source for all things real estate. I’m Benjamin Waite, your local real estate expert, and I’m excited to kick off 2024 with a special edition that takes you on a journey through the housing markets of Eagleby and Loganholme, exploring their distinct characteristics. Read More

Eagleby’s Spotlight

First, let’s revisit Eagleby. Last month, we had 58 properties available for rent and 52 properties for sale. Our median property prices have remained stable, with houses at $540,000 and units at $350,000. Eagleby continues to offer a diverse range of options, making it an inclusive market for all. Investors, take note! Houses in Eagleby bring in $500 per week in rent, yielding a respectable 5.0% annually. Units are even more impressive, with a rental rate of $400 per week and a 6.5% annual rental yield. Eagleby has seen an annual compound growth rate of 6.5% for houses and 9.2% for units, reflecting its dynamic growth potential.

Loganholme’s Insight

Now, let’s turn our attention to Loganholme. Last month, Loganholme featured 18 properties for rent and 27 properties for sale. Here’s where it gets interesting – Loganholme boasts larger lots with development potential, attracting many who are considering subdividing. This factor contributes to the higher median property prices, with houses at $627,000 and units at $555,000. Loganholme’s real estate landscape is shaped by these unique development opportunities. Investors, you won’t be disappointed either! Houses in Loganholme bring in $555 per week in rent, offering a solid 4.9% annual rental yield. Meanwhile, units command a rental rate of $505 per week, with a rental yield of 5.2%. Loganholme boasts an annual compound growth rate of 1.8% for houses and an impressive 15.6% for units, showcasing its potential in the market, especially for those interested in development opportunities.

Comparing the Market

Now, let’s put these two markets side by side. Eagleby offers a more diverse range of properties at a lower price point, making it accessible to a broader audience. It also offers slightly better annual rental yields for both houses and units. On the other hand, Loganholme, with its larger lots and development potential, commands higher median property prices. It’s an ideal choice for investors looking for growth opportunities, particularly in the unit segment.


Both Eagleby and Loganholme have unique offerings for homeowners and investors. Eagleby provides diversity, affordability, and solid rental yields. Meanwhile, Loganholme’s larger lots and development potential contribute to its higher price point, making it a promising ground for growth-minded investors. As we navigate the real estate landscape in 2024, it’s essential to stay informed and make decisions that align with our objectives. Whether you’re exploring Eagleby’s charm or Loganholme’s development potential, remember that the real estate journey is about finding the perfect fit for you. Stay tuned for more updates and insights in the next edition of The Waite Update!
Benjamin Waite
Licensed Real Estate Agent Benjamin Waite, your trusted local real estate expert, brings an insider’s knowledge and a wealth of experience to Eagleby and Loganholme. With a passion for the community and years in the industry, Benjamin is your go-to advisor for all your real estate needs.

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